I am Dr. Julie George, ND a graduate of Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, AZ and licensed naturopathic doctor in Arizona as well as Hawaii.  I completed my undergraduate from the University of Texas at San Antonio.  I maintain a practice in Sedona, AZ as well as consult for patients throughout the country.  My beliefs of naturopathy are deep-rooted into my soul.

I am interested in how the environment makes us ill.  I spend a large amount of time researching environmental health concerns and attending conferences with organizations like ACAM and DAN.

It is amazing to me how our bodies have the innate ability to heal if we give ourselves the right ingredients and tools.  I feel that Naturopathic Medicine encompasses a wide array of modalities that are safe and cost-effective for the consumer.  It is a field that should be more in the spot light.

People seem to always want to know why I chose to become a naturopath.  There are many reasons why I chose to pursue a career in naturopathy.  The main reason would be that while in high school I was diagnosed with a skin condition named psoriasis.  It was an embarrassing disorder for me that sprung up over night.  My parents took me to the “top-notch” doctors in the Houston metro area with little to no results.  Prescription after prescription it was only getting worse.  So my mother was told about a naturopath that was a few towns over better known as the witch doctor to the locals.  On my first and only visit she educated me and gave me a treatment plan for my skin condition.  I followed the plan to the best of my understanding and was psoriasis free for years to follow.  I soon dismissed the title naturopath because they were unheard of in Texas.  During college I knew I wanted to become a doctor, but I knew that the traditional path was not in my heart.  Then one night while searching out different graduate programs I came across accredited naturopathic medical training and I knew that it was my destiny.

When not in the office I enjoy nature, traveling and reading food blogs.

In health,

Dr. Julie George, NMD


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    • Thank you! I see patients in the greater Austin area. I currently use a friends office on S. Lamar. I’m in the process of opening a green/retail boutique where I will focus more on detox (environmental medicine), however finding space in Austin has been tricky.

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